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January 31, 2013 - ALA Youth Media Awards

rachelgrinti Yay, time for #mglitchat Tonight's topic is the ALA Youth Media Awards, which were announced on Monday -8:01 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore It's that time, my lovelies! Welcome to #mglitchat, where this week we're talking about the ALA Youth Media Awards!#mglitchat -8:01 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore Animals! Puppets! Bombs! Murder???? #mglitchat-8:02 PM Jan 31st, 2013

ClaireCaterer RT @michaelascotto: Regular tweeps, pardon the barrage as I take a quite-pleasant hour for #mglitchat -8:02 PM Jan 31st, 2013
michaelascotto I was pretty happy with the winners; 1st time my picks for Newbery and Caldecott both came through #mglitchat -8:03 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis @JoWhittemore Lots of Bombs! #mglitchat -8:03 PM Jan 31st, 2013
AniProf Hello, hello, hello! #MGLitChat -8:03 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ClaireCaterer @michaelascotto I was very happy about IVAN!#mglitchat -8:04 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore So, to catch people up in case they didn't catch the awards, the Newbery winner was The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. #mglitchat -8:04 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ClaireCaterer I have to share my brush with greatness ... I was IVAN's copy editor. :) #mglitchat -8:04 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti Here's a full rundown of the award winners and honors, for quick reference: #mglitchat -8:05 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis @michaelascotto I predicted IVAN, but I thought Caldecott would go to EXTRA YARN. Klassen either way.#mglitchat -8:05 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti @ClaireCaterer Ooh! Very cool! #mglitchat -8:05 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore @ClaireCaterer Wow! That's awesome that you got to see it in its infancy. :) #mglitchat -8:05 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis @ClaireCaterer VERY cool! Bet you did a lot of crying while editing. #mglitchat -8:06 PM Jan 31st, 2013
michaelascotto @KDuBayGillis I was worried I'd doomed Ivan and This is Not My Hat when I wrote about them on my website ;)#mglitchat -8:07 PM Jan 31st, 2013
michaelascotto @ClaireCaterer awesome! #mglitchat -8:07 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore Newbery Medalists: Splendors and Gloom by Laura Amy Schlitz, two orphans who work for a shady puppeteer must find a missing girl #mglitchat -8:07 PM Jan 31st, 2013
misskubelik Although I am biased ;) I was super-excited to see BOMB - the first non-fiction-non-poetry finalist since 2006.#mglitchat -8:07 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti Correcting previous link, ha: -8:07 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore Sorry, Splendors and GloomS #mglitchat -8:08 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore Newbery Medalist: Bomb: The Race to Build—and Steal—the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon” by Steve Sheinkin about the atomic bomb #mglitchat -8:08 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ClaireCaterer @KDuBayGillis Yes, lots of crying. But you know, it really needed no editing anyway. It was just perfect as was.#mglitchat -8:09 PM Jan 31st, 2013
misskubelik (Biased because I was on the Excellence in NF for YA committee & we selected BOMB) Still, NON-FICTION WITH A NEWBERY, GLORIOUS! #mglitchat -8:09 PM Jan 31st, 2013
WriterRoss Just borrowed ONE AND ONLY IVAN from library today#MGLITCHAT -8:09 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore Newbery Medalist: “Three Times Lucky” by Sheila Turnage about a young girl who must protect her makeshift family from trouble #mglitchat -8:09 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore Of course, I'm not doing these books justice by summing them up in Tweets. They are far more awesome than that. #mglitchat -8:10 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ClaireCaterer @JoWhittemore I've been dying to read 3 TIMES LUCKY. So glad it was recognized! It looks great. #mglitchat -8:10 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis @JoWhittemore We appreciate it! #mglitchat -8:11 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ClaireCaterer And so does BOMB. I'm pleased too about some NF finding its way to a Newbery. #mglitchat -8:11 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore @ClaireCaterer I'm thrilled that such a funny book was even nominated! A lot of times humor is underappreciated.#mglitchat -8:12 PM Jan 31st, 2013
RosanneParry @ClaireCaterer Congratulations! I am so grateful for the good copy editing I get over at RH. #mglitchat -8:12 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ClaireCaterer @JoWhittemore No kidding. Sometimes Newberys can be so SERIOUS. #mglitchat -8:13 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti @JoWhittemore I agree -- and I haven't read that one yet, but glad to hear it is funny! #mglitchat -8:13 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JessicaLeader What did people think of the non-appearance of Lois Lowry's SON in the ALA Awards? #mglitchat -8:13 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ClaireCaterer @JessicaLeader Good point. That WAS surprising.#mglitchat -8:14 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis I did IVAN as a read aloud with my kids (7 & 4), so we were super excited. I think a lot of classrooms felt the same way. #mglitchat -8:14 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ClaireCaterer Maybe someone can enlighten me: Newberys are strictly MG, right? #mglitchat -8:15 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ClaireCaterer @KDuBayGillis IVAN is so perfect because it speaks to so many age groups. #mglitchat -8:15 PM Jan 31st, 2013
michaelascotto @ClaireCaterer Up to age 14 for the Newbery, but basically mg #mglitchat -8:16 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JessicaLeader @clairecaterer I didn't even see SON mentioned as "it wuz robbed," like WONDER. Did you? Did anyone? I thought it was so moving. #mglitchat -8:16 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore @JessicaLeader Yeah, I wondered about WONDER, if you'll pardon the play on words. :) #mglitchat -8:17 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ClaireCaterer @JessicaLeader Oh yeah--WONDER! Where was that? And was SON considered to be for older kids? #mglitchat -8:17 PM Jan 31st, 2013
michaelascotto @JessicaLeader I hadn't seen it in the discussion. Maybe ppl couldn't consider it on its own, apart from The Giver?#mglitchat -8:18 PM Jan 31st, 2013
RosanneParry @ClaireCaterer It's for up to and including age 14.#mglitchat -8:18 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ClaireCaterer @RosanneParry That's what I thought. Wasn't THE GIVER a Newbery medalist? #mglitchat -8:18 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti @michaelascotto That's always hard, considering a sequel on its own. #mglitchat -8:18 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JessicaLeader @michaelascotto Hm, interesting re:SON. I do WONDER (ha, @JoWhittemore) if I"d have liked it as much w/o GIVER #mglitchat -8:19 PM Jan 31st, 2013
michaelascotto @rachelgrinti I certainly know that -- I've been asking folks to do that exact thing with my new book, lol#mglitchat -8:19 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore So we were surprised not to see SON and WONDER. Any others we wish would've gotten some gold? #mglitchat -8:21 PM Jan 31st, 2013
RosanneParry @ClaireCaterer Medal winner 1994 ! #mglitchat -8:21 PM Jan 31st, 2013
LaurelSnyder @JoWhittemore I didn't expect either of those to show up. Was surprised not to see Liar and Spy. #mglitchat -8:21 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ClaireCaterer @LaurelSnyder @JoWhittemore I agree--LIAR & SPY was on my radar. #mglitchat -8:23 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JessicaLeader @laurelsnyder Ditto! I don't know if LIAR AND SPY was most inventive, but it was so exquisitely written, every detail acct'd for. #mglitchat -8:23 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore @LaurelSnyder Why not WONDER? Do you think it was too quiet? #mglitchat -8:24 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JessicaLeader No disrespect at all to winners--they're just not the ones I've read, by and large! I can't wait to read many. #mglitchat-8:24 PM Jan 31st, 2013
LaurelSnyder @JoWhittemore I loved it, but in terms of how "distinguished" is voted on... I felt it was hard to buy the end.#mglitchat -8:25 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti @LaurelSnyder I hear you, that was my thought re: WONDER as well. #mglitchat -8:26 PM Jan 31st, 2013
LaurelSnyder @JoWhittemore I feel like WOnder touched so many people so deeply-- that's its own reward! But Newb is specific in its criteria. #mglitchat -8:26 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ClaireCaterer Am being called away, but thanks for chatting! I'll download the transcript & get me some reading recs. :) #mglitchat-8:26 PM Jan 31st, 2013
LaurelSnyder @rachelgrinti I had the same issues with Miss Malone. #mglitchat -8:26 PM Jan 31st, 2013
michaelascotto Indeed. RT @rachelgrinti: @LaurelSnyder I hear you, that was my thought re: WONDER as well. #mglitchat -8:27 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore Good answer! :) RT @LaurelSnyder: @JoWhittemoreI feel like WOnder touched so many people so deeply-- thats its own reward! #mglitchat -8:27 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis Do you think kids assign a "broccoli" lable to Newbery books? #mglitchat -8:28 PM Jan 31st, 2013
lisabrowndraws I don't think many kids even notice. RT@KDuBayGillis: Do you think kids assign a "broccoli" lable to Newbery books? #mglitchat -8:29 PM Jan 31st, 2013
michaelascotto @KDuBayGillis I think in the case of a lot of early Newbery winners, that'd be fair :) #mglitchat -8:30 PM Jan 31st, 2013
dianezahler What are the criteria, exactly? RT @LaurelSnyder:@JoWhittemore But Newb is specific in its criteria. #mglitchat -8:30 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore @KDuBayGillis Not if they have cover appeal and the teacher/librarian sells the storyline well. This years? No problem! #mglitchat -8:31 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis @lisabrowndraws That's what I think but some tweeted earlier in the week that kids were turned off by Newbery books. Made me sad. #mglitchat -8:31 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti @JoWhittemore Yeah, kids are loving IVAN. Some Newberys are much harder sells. #mglitchat -8:32 PM Jan 31st, 2013
lisabrowndraws @KDuBayGillis Strange. I never noticed the sticker as a kid. My kid notices & gets excited for them (but he's the son of authors) #mglitchat -8:33 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis @JoWhittemore Completely agree. IVAN is an easy sell. So lovely and bittersweet. #mglitchat -8:33 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti @lisabrowndraws I think sometimes it's a result of being made to read award winners in school. #mglitchat -8:33 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti @lisabrowndraws So it can start feeling like homework.#mglitchat -8:34 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis @lisabrowndraws My kids know that Caldecott books are special! #mglitchat -8:34 PM Jan 31st, 2013
LaurelSnyder @dianezahler Check this blog! Very helpful: #mglitchat -8:34 PM Jan 31st, 2013
michaelascotto @KDuBayGillis I've handsold IVAN at my local bookstore, and I don't even work there! #mglitchat -8:34 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JessicaLeader @lisabrowndraws Completely charming that your son gets excited about books w award stickers! PS? Elem? Middle? (Surely not HS...) #mglitchat -8:35 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis @lisabrowndraws And now, after listening to IVAN, they get the Newbery. I hope it means something to them going forward. #mglitchat -8:35 PM Jan 31st, 2013
dianezahler @LaurelSnyder Thanks -- will read! #mglitchat -8:35 PM Jan 31st, 2013
RosanneParry @KDuBayGillis @JoWhittemore An engaging voice, a visually easy page layout & a lowish reading level compared to many Newberys. #mglitchat -8:36 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis I think accessibility should also be a Newbery criteria, mixed in with the others. #mglitchat -8:36 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti So what do people think about this year's lifetime achievement awards? #mglitchat -8:36 PM Jan 31st, 2013
lisabrowndraws @JessicaLeader Elementary. He is disappointed that I haven't won any. Ha. #mglitchat #ifonlyitwereuptohim -8:37 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti Katherine Paterson for the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award and Tamora Pierce for Margaret A. Edwards Award #mglitchat -8:37 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JessicaLeader @rosanneparry Good pt that low rdng-level could mean higher love for Newb winners, tho I know that's not at all the ALA's aim. #mglitchat -8:37 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis Funny that I'm participating in #mglitchat while my DH watches Hunger Games movie. (Wish he'd read the book!) -8:37 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore @rachelgrinti I know this is #mglitchat, but YAY, Tamora Pierce! #mglitchat -8:38 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JessicaLeader @lisabrowndraws Past is not future! Your books could so totally carry a sticker someday! #mglitchat -8:38 PM Jan 31st, 2013
Bec_AS @KDuBayGillis Even my 12yo knows the book is better! :)#MGLitchat -8:39 PM Jan 31st, 2013
lisabrowndraws @JessicaLeader Oh, I wasn't disappointed, just tickled that my son has such a high opinion of my work!#mglitchat #whatdoesheknow -8:39 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti @JoWhittemore I read her books like crazy in 6th grade (and on)! I think they cross over mg/ya. I'm so excited for her! #mglitchat -8:39 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore @rachelgrinti I met her in person, and she is so nice! #mglitchat -8:40 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JessicaLeader Actually have to do the finances I came online for, but so nice dipping a toe back into chatland with you all! G'night!#mglitchat -8:41 PM Jan 31st, 2013
RosanneParry @JessicaLeader Often the award winners are a challenging read which is off putting for lower MG readers.#mglitchat -8:41 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore And let's not forget our other MG award winners. For the Schneider Family Book Award, we have A Dog Called Homeless by Sarah Lean #mglitchat -8:42 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis @RosanneParry @JessicaLeader I loved MOON OVER MANIFEST, but couldn't imagine doing as a read aloud with my kiddos. But I loved. #mglitchat -8:43 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti @JoWhittemore Yes, Tammy is so nice and I think it's about time her work was properly recognized for influence on kids :) #mglitchat -8:44 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore @rachelgrinti Oh, you call her Tammy, do you? ;) I agree. T-Dawg is tops! #mglitchat -8:45 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti Haha! RT @JoWhittemore: @rachelgrinti Oh, you call her Tammy, do you? ;) I agree. T-Dawg is tops! #mglitchat -8:47 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti Back to the Schneider Family Book Award, which is for books that "embody an artistic expression of the disability experience" #mglitchat -8:48 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis Can I sneak my love for CODE NAME VERITY as a Printz Honor book, even though YA? LOVED! #mglitchat -8:48 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis @rachelgrinti I think this is the award people thought might go to WONDER. #mglitchat -8:49 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti @KDuBayGillis Yes, I saw lots of discussion on that, too. Has anyone read A Dog Called Homeless? #mglitchat -8:50 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis @rachelgrinti Have not. My TBR list grew after the awards. So many great titles to pick up. #mglitchat -8:53 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore @rachelgrinti I haven't, but is the disability that she doesn't talk? #mglitchat -8:53 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti @JoWhittemore She meets a boy who is blind and deaf according to jacket copy -- I haven't read it yet either! Ridiculously behind #mglitchat -8:54 PM Jan 31st, 2013
michaelascotto RT @KDuBayGillis: @rachelgrinti Have not. My TBR list grew after the awards. So many great titles to pick up.#mglitchat -8:55 PM Jan 31st, 2013
ixtumea Lots of chats going on right now! #mglitchat #nalitchat#MMsChat -8:56 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis So, what is at the top of everyone's want to read list from the awards? Mine: BOMB, THREE TIMES LUCKY, and SHADOWS and GLOOMS #mglitchat -8:56 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore @rachelgrinti It's always fun to browse bookstore websites and see sales after the awards come out. :) #mglitchat-8:56 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore BOMB, for example, is currently out of stock at a website that begins with an A. #mglitchat -8:57 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti @KDuBayGillis I think Three Times Lucky is the one I'll try to read first. #mglitchat -8:58 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti @JoWhittemore Yes, most of the winners are backordered and were right away. Ingram is out of stock, too.#mglitchat -8:58 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore @KDuBayGillis I want to try BOMB, but non-fiction loses me pretty quickly. #mglitchat -9:00 PM Jan 31st, 2013
KDuBayGillis So, next week's #mglitchat is satire/parody. See everyone next Thursday! -9:02 PM Jan 31st, 2013
JoWhittemore Well, folks, tonight's chat is officially over! Thanks for your input and insight, as always. See you next week!#mglitchat -9:02 PM Jan 31st, 2013
rachelgrinti Thanks for chatting! #mglitchat -9:02 PM Jan 31st, 2013

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