Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 17, 2013--Prologues and Epilogues

rachelnseigel 7:00pm via TweetDeck       Speaking of which, it's 9:00 so time for #Mglitchat! Tonight's topic is Prologues & Epilogues.

rachelgrinti 7:00pm via TweetDeck           @rachelnseigel My dog will balance a toy on my arm while I'm typing. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:01pm via TweetDeck       @rachelgrinti Mine pushes it into my lap. He's quite annoyed with me right now for ignoring him! #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:02pm via TweetDeck       #Mglitchat So- I've heard arguements for and against the usefulness of Prologues & Epilogues. What do you all think about them?
elissacruz 7:02pm via TweetChat               I'm here! Multi-tasking at my son's b-ball game. #wishmeluck #Mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:02pm via TweetDeck       @elissacruz Good luck! #wishmeluck #Mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:04pm via TweetDeck          @elissacruz If you get hit in the head by a flyball while texting, #mglitchat is sooo not reponsible.
rachelnseigel 7:04pm via TweetDeck       #Mglitchat I like prologues that make me curious about the rest of the books. Not always fond of epilogues.
raeannparker 7:04pm via web    @rachelnseigel I like prologues & epilogues, but have never added one to a MG ms. #mglitchat
Bec_AS 7:04pm via TweetChat   I'm here! So, are prologues & epilogues just a crutch? So many people love 'em or hate 'em. #MGLitChat
rachelnseigel 7:04pm via TweetDeck       @raeannparker Conscious choice or just never had occasion to? #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:04pm via TweetDeck          @rachelnseigel @harkinwords Get him his own twitter account. That should take care of it. #dogsaresocial #socialmedia #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:05pm via TweetDeck       @Bec_AS Excellent question! My brother, who has only recently started reading fiction hates them! #MGLitChat
rachelgrinti 7:05pm via TweetDeck           Claws had a prologue in a much earlier version, it got cut (as did extra POVs) #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:05pm via TweetDeck          @AnshaKotyk Right now I'm rockin' it old-school, Eva Ibbotson style. I highly recommend! #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:05pm via TweetDeck       @ilanawaters Excellent idea. I seriously think he should blog! #dogsaresocial #socialmedia #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:05pm via TweetDeck       @ilanawaters I love Eva Ibbotson's books! #mglitchat
rachelgrinti 7:05pm via TweetDeck           I think the current mg WIP may end up with a prologue. #mglitchat
story_queen 7:05pm via web     I like them #prologuesandepilogues #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:06pm via TweetDeck          @rachelnseigel Honestly, I see nothing wrong w/either, and wonder what all the fuss is about. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:06pm via TweetDeck       @rachelgrinti What would make you feel like a prologue is necessary? (Not being sarcastic) #mglitchat
rachelgrinti 7:06pm via TweetDeck           When I'm reading, I do admit to skipping a prologue if it's boring me. I have been known to jump ahead to the first chapter. #mglitchat
elissacruz 7:06pm via TweetChat               I'm not sure how I feel about prologues, but I do like a good epilogue. #Mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:06pm via TweetDeck          @rachelnseigel I can't believe it took me this long to find her. And now she's gone! *sniff* #mglitchat
dianezahler 7:06pm via TweetChat          I had a prologue in a historical mg, but it's gone now. #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:06pm via web  My 10-year-old read the prologue to an MG recently and said, "I'm only on chap. 1 but I've already read a chapter. Not fair. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:07pm via TweetDeck       @ilanawaters Sometimes I feel like I want an epilogue to find out what happens after, but I hate big long summaries of the... #mglitchat
rachelgrinti 7:07pm via TweetDeck           @rachelnseigel It really depends. In this case, it's like a mini-story about character's dad at her age, setting up a concept. #mglitchat
Bec_AS 7:07pm via TweetChat   My current WIP could benefit from a prologue, but I've heard so much against them, like the mark of an amateur. #MGLitChat
rachelnseigel 7:07pm via TweetDeck       @ilanawaters character's lives- like I hated the epilogue at the end of the last HP. She should have left it alone. #mglitchat
story_queen 7:07pm via web     Actually, let me clarify, I like short prologues. If it goes on too long...meh. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:08pm via TweetDeck       @rachelgrinti Which makes perfect sense- when a prologue is used to set the stage, it works. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:08pm via TweetChat        I did the same. RT @dianezahler: I had a prologue in a historical mg, but its gone now. #mglitchat
harkinwords 7:08pm via web      I like using prologues to set up a story that would otherwise need to be infused with awkward backstory or flashbacks #mglitchat
story_queen 7:08pm via web     @rachelnseigel @rachelgrinti Sometimes it is a stylistic choice. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:09pm via TweetDeck       @harkinwords So you like them to set up the action. How about epilogues? #mglitchat
rachelgrinti 7:09pm via TweetDeck           @Bec_AS I think they're fine, they just have to be good and interesting, but that's no different from the rest of the book! #mglitchat
story_queen 7:10pm via web     @NatalieLorenzi Hahaha! Smart girl! #mglitchat
dianezahler 7:10pm via TweetChat          @PBWorkshop It also had an epilogue, as in "what REALLY happened to these guys," also gone. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:10pm via TweetChat        @harkinwords If it's a choice between that and an info-dump, the prologue is a better alternative, imo. #mglitchat
CStarrRose 7:10pm via Twitter for Android           @story_queen @rachelnseigel @rachelgrinti I've yet to write one that works. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:10pm via TweetDeck       #Mglitchat if you are writing an epilogue, how far forward in time do you think is reasonable? How much do you want to know?
PBWorkshop 7:10pm via TweetChat        RT @rachelgrinti: @Bec_AS theyre fine, just have to be good and interesting, but thats no different from the rest of the book! #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:10pm via TweetDeck          @rachelnseigel But...but I wanted to know what happened to the characters! #mglitchat
coachhays64 7:11pm via web      @dianezahler I had one in mine too. One of the first editor suggestions was for me to cut it. They were 100% right in my case. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:11pm via TweetDeck       @ilanawaters I thought we did know that more or less- she didn't need to go that far ahead. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:11pm via TweetChat        @dianezahler Yep- I prefer an author note to an epilogue- with HF, telling what parts are real, resources, etc. #mglitchat
story_queen 7:11pm via web     @dianezahler @PBWorkshop Can you put it in the Author's Notes at the end? I LOVE that kind of thing in historicals. #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:11pm via TweetDeck          RT @NatalieLorenzi: My 10-year-old read the prologue and said, "I'm only on chap. 1 but I've already read a chapter. Not fair. #mglitchat
harkinwords 7:11pm via web      @rachelnseigel Not such an epilogue fan unless it doubles as a prologue of sorts for a sequel. A cool way to create a cliffhanger #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:12pm via TweetDeck       @PBWorkshop @dianezahler Someone on a committee I served on was of the opinion that Historical Fiction needs the author's note. #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:12pm via web  @story_queen As an elementary librarian, I had a good chuckle at that. As a reader, *I* love both prologues and epilogues. :-) #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:12pm via TweetDeck          @NatalieLorenzi Bwha-ha-ha! That is too cute! I know what he/she means. It's like running in place! #mglitchat
dianezahler 7:12pm via TweetChat          I definitely will, should anyone choose to publish it. @story_queen @PBWorkshop #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:12pm via TweetDeck       @harkinwords So basically only as a lead-in to the next book. That is kind of cool when done well. #mglitchat
story_queen 7:12pm via web     @CStarrRose I usually don't think of it as a prologue..just a very short something that needs to be said #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:13pm via web  @ilanawaters Ha! Good metaphor. :-) #mglitchat
danielkenney 7:13pm via Twitter for iPhone        RT @literaticat: @ClaireCaterer @KateMessner well... :-) I happen to think your "brand" can be "really good books." #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:13pm via TweetDeck       @harkinwords I'm with you though- I'd rather a stand-alone book just conclude- no epilogue needed. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:13pm via TweetDeck       @story_queen Well put|! #mglitchat
CStarrRose 7:13pm via Twitter for Android           @story_queen saw your name on a special list today... #mglitchat
raeannparker 7:13pm via web    I really like reading the author's note in historical fiction. Or any fiction. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:14pm via TweetChat        I'm considering a glossary at the front for a HF that incorporates words from another language. Context should suffice, but... #mglitchat
madrosenberg 7:14pm via web Love-hate relationship with epilogues. I like knowing what the author thinks will happen, but like to imagine the future myself #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:14pm via TweetDeck       #Mglitchat For those of you who write prologues, how do you integrate them into your story?
elissacruz 7:14pm via TweetChat               @rachelnseigel personally I hate those that go too far forward in time. I just want loose ends tied up. #Mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:14pm via TweetDeck       @madrosenberg Me too! #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:14pm via TweetDeck         Husband is passed out, so I'm going to pop in for #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:14pm via web  @rachelnseigel @PBWorkshop @dianezahler Love author's notes (as teacher & reader)--always want to know what's real & what isn't. #mglitchat
CStarrRose 7:14pm via Twitter for Android           @raeannparker me too. I need to be grounded with HF. #mglitchat
story_queen 7:14pm via web     I think it would be fun to read some prologues to kids to find out which ones make them want to read the book #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:15pm via TweetDeck       @elissacruz Exactly! If the character is 12, I don't need to know that she grows up, gets married and dies at 80. #Mglitchat
rachelgrinti 7:15pm via TweetDeck           @elissacruz @rachelnseigel Same for me now, but as a kid I wanted to know as much as possible! #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:15pm via TweetDeck       @NatalieLorenzi @PBWorkshop @dianezahler I love them too. I like 2 know more background about historical fic. #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:15pm via TweetDeck          @NatalieLorenzi Thank you. *blushes* I'm full of them. Also cheetos. *munches* #mglitchat #snack
harkinwords 7:15pm via web      @rachelnseigel Maybe not ONLY as a lead-in to sequel but that's when I most enjoy them. Lets the novel be "complete"- but not ;) #mglitchat
story_queen 7:16pm via web     @CStarrRose What list? Tell! #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:16pm via TweetChat        Thoughts on prologue from the POV of an alternative character, or point in time later into the story? #mglitchat
dianezahler 7:16pm via TweetChat          I took it out for submissions. Wanted editors to think, "What part really happened?" @NatalieLorenzi @rachelnseigel @PBWorkshop #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:16pm via TweetDeck       @rachelgrinti @elissacruz I don't remember thinking much about epilogue as a kid, but I did like loose ends to be tied up. #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:16pm via TweetDeck         @NatalieLorenzi Oh yeah, love the notes, too. Gives more depth to the story. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:17pm via TweetDeck       @dianezahler @NatalieLorenzi @PBWorkshop Do you think lack of an author's note in finished book detracts from validity? #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:17pm via web  @ilanawaters If I had to choose to be full of something, metaphors and Cheetos are two honorable choices. ;-) #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:18pm via web     @dianezahler @NatalieLorenzi @rachelnseigel I've heard pubs/editors are turned off by prologues. Any experience to share? #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:18pm via TweetDeck       @JoanneLevy I personally love the insight that the author adds into their creation. #mglitchat
story_queen 7:18pm via web     @dianezahler @NatalieLorenzi @rachelnseigel @PBWorkshop Crafty girl you are, Diane. #mglitchat And yes, I am now very curious!
raeannparker 7:18pm via web    @CStarrRose Yes! And I usually learn something new too. #mglitchat
AmyHoldge 7:18pm via TweetChat          @story_queen That's a great idea. #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:18pm via TweetDeck         @rachelnseigel I like vague and intriguing prologues that hint at stuff but create more questions. Different POV can be good. #mglitchat
dianezahler 7:19pm via TweetChat          Maybe. At least a note shows you've done the reseach. @rachelnseigel @NatalieLorenzi @PBWorkshop #mglitchat
CStarrRose 7:19pm via Twitter for Android           @story_queen ALA Notables nominees. Both of our girls are there. :) #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:19pm via TweetDeck       @JoanneLevy In the YA I just read, I thought about the prologue until the end of the book wondering who the characters were. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:19pm via web     @rachelnseigel @dianezahler @NatalieLorenzi If represented as HF- history plays out in the story, author note/resources a must. #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:19pm via web  @rachelnseigel @PBWorkshop @dianezahler Enjoyed the one for Jeannie Mobley's KATERINA'S WISH--love filling in historical blanks.#mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:19pm via TweetDeck       @JoanneLevy I kind of guessed, but it really hooked me into the book. #mglitchat
dianezahler 7:20pm via TweetChat          That's one reason mine went. Editors said no.Tho there's actually still a little one. @PBWorkshop @NatalieLorenzi @rachelnseigel #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:20pm via TweetDeck         And FWIW, I adore prologues and write them for just about every book (they don't always remain, though). #mglitchat
harkinwords 7:20pm via web      @dianezahler I'd prefer to have the notes in the submission so I don't have to wonder if you have your facts right: reassure me #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:20pm via TweetDeck         @rachelnseigel Oh yeah? What book? #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:20pm via TweetChat        @rachelnseigel Which YA was that? Can you tell? #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:20pm via TweetDeck       @@dianezahler @PBWorkshop @NatalieLorenzi That ireaction from editors is interesting. #mglitchat
rachelgrinti 7:20pm via TweetDeck           @rachelnseigel Did you find that distracting? #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:21pm via web  @PBWorkshop @rachelnseigel @dianezahler Would definitely include it in a submission to show validity, then editor decides later.. #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:21pm via TweetDeck          RT @NatalieLorenzi: @ilanawaters If I had to choose to be full of something, metaphors and Cheetos are two honorable choices. ;-) #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:21pm via TweetDeck       @JoanneLevy Ruby Red by Kristin Grier. The characters in the prologue weren't named- only revealed near the end. #mglitchat
story_queen 7:21pm via web     @CStarrRose Yay!! and Congratulations, I might add. I'll have to take a peek. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:21pm via web     @NatalieLorenzi @rachelnseigel @dianezahler I agree about Katerina's Wish- that book stays with me! #mglitchat
dianezahler 7:21pm via TweetChat          @harkinwords Hmmm... #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:21pm via web  @CStarrRose @story_queen I was honored to be there with both of you and all the others! #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:22pm via web  @PBWorkshop @rachelnseigel @dianezahler Good books/characters always do. :-) #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:22pm via TweetChat        @rachelnseigel Did that drive you crazy, or make it more compelling? #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:22pm via TweetDeck       #Mglitchat is there a particular genre do that lends itself better to having a prologue? I see it quite a bit in fantasy.
story_queen 7:22pm via web     @JoanneLevy Me too! Well, I've not written them for my picture books, but for mg books. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:22pm via TweetDeck       @PBWorkshop In this case, it made it more compelling- I kept wondering as I was reading who they were #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:23pm via TweetDeck       @PBWorkshop Partway through I was pretty sure I knew who they were- and then couldn't wait to find out if I was right. #mglitchat
story_queen 7:24pm via web     @rachelnseigel Yes. I think in fantasy, you've got to build a world and set a tone. Prologues can be helpful. #mglitchat
Bec_AS 7:24pm via TweetChat   @rachelnseigel Is it to set up the expectation of fantasy? Is that a cop-out to setting it in Chap 1? #Mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:24pm via TweetDeck         @story_queen They're great for setting the scene. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:24pm via web     @rachelnseigel That makes sense- the choice to do- or not- must serve the purpose of the whole book. #mglitchat
raeannparker 7:24pm via web    @rachelnseigel I wonder if it might work well in mystery. To set up a question. #Mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:24pm via TweetDeck         @story_queen Or giving a glimpse into the big conflict. #mglitchat
dianezahler 7:24pm via TweetChat          Nice! Congrats! RT @CStarrRose: @story_queen ALA Notables nominees. Both of our girls are there. :) #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:25pm via TweetDeck       @raeannparker It worked brilliantly in "Graveyard Book" (Not exactly a mystery, but it just came to me) #Mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:25pm via web  @story_queen @JoanneLevy As a librarian/teacher, prologue helps me differentiate--I'll explore prologue w/older kids, not younger #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:25pm via TweetDeck       @raeannparker I think a prologue to set up the action could work well. #Mglitchat
CStarrRose 7:25pm via Twitter for Android           I think HF authors owe it to their readers to flesh out things with an author's note #mglitchat
story_queen 7:25pm via web     @NatalieLorenzi @CStarrRose Yay Natalie! I am going to have to find this list--can I google it do you suppose? #mglitchat
harkinwords 7:25pm via web      @rachelnseigel Steampunk, mystery, anything involving time-travel where two worlds collide. They tend to work well. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:25pm via TweetDeck       @raeannparker I just realized in a story I wrote years ago I should have made the first section a prologue. #Mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:25pm via web     @rachelnseigel makes me think of Code Name Verity- does target age determine how much "help" might be needed at the start? #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:26pm via web  @story_queen @NatalieLorenzi @CStarrRose… :-) #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:26pm via TweetDeck         @NatalieLorenzi That's really interesting! @story_queen #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:26pm via TweetDeck       @PBWorkshop I don't know if age matters- I think it's more a case of how much the reader needs 2 understand b4 the story starts. #mglitchat
story_queen 7:26pm via web     @JoanneLevy I love when they do this!! I'm not skilled enough to write this kind of prologue...#mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:26pm via TweetDeck       @harkinwords I love time-travel stories- always have- but they r tricky. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:27pm via TweetDeck       #Mglitchat my pet peeve is books that use a middle-section of the story as the prologue. Total cop-out.
PBWorkshop 7:27pm via web     @rachelnseigel I'm just thinking younger MG might "give up" if they can't feel it is making enough sense. #mglitchat
story_queen 7:27pm via web     @JoanneLevy My prologues tend to be little snippets of things that I want to stand apart from the story. #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:27pm via web  @CStarrRose @NatalieLorenzi @story_queen You don't have entire list memorized yet?? ;-) Saw you on @LynMullalyHunt's FB post. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:27pm via TweetDeck       @PBWorkshop So you'd advocate a prologue for younger readers? #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:28pm via TweetDeck         @story_queen I bet you are! It just takes some conscious engineering! #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:28pm via TweetDeck       @PBWorkshop Or r u saying it would complicate things too much for them? #mglitchat
CStarrRose 7:28pm via Twitter for Android           That said, I'd prefer no prologue with historicals. The author needs to do the work for the reader to make the moment now. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:28pm via TweetDeck       #Mglitchat another question- should prologues be self-contained, or be open-ended?
PBWorkshop 7:29pm via web     @rachelnseigel Not "advocate" but consider it more readily than with older target age- more life experience/background to call on.#mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:30pm via TweetDeck          @rachelnseigel How so? 'splain, please. *puts chin in hand, leans forward* #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:30pm via TweetChat        @rachelnseigel Bottom line, it should be as essential as anything else in the story, or why have it? #mglitchat
story_queen 7:30pm via web     @NatalieLorenzi @CStarrRose Thank you! #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:31pm via TweetDeck         @rachelnseigel I like self-contained. Adds to the intrigue, IMO. #Mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:31pm via TweetDeck       @ilanawaters I mean I don't see the point of just re-printing a section of the story as a prologue. By the time u get to it in #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:31pm via TweetDeck       @ilanawaters in the book, it's not fresh anymore. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:31pm via TweetDeck       @JoanneLevy So how do you integrate self-contained into the story? #Mglitchat
coachhays64 7:32pm via web      @CStarrRose Agree. Historical prologue often too much of an educational info dump or something which should be handled in-story. #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:32pm via TweetDeck         @rachelnseigel Like an 'off stage' scene or an alternate POV of a scene that's there already, something like that. #Mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:33pm via TweetDeck         @rachelnseigel Oh and no, not a reprint of the story - has to be something different - different angle or something. #mglitchat
ChloeKillen 7:33pm via web         @PBWorkshop Hi Sandy! This is interesting. How many foreign words are there in the novel? How often do they appear? #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:33pm via TweetDeck       @JoanneLevy I agree! I hate re-prints- it's not useful at all. #mglitchat
readerroberts 7:34pm via Twitter for iPad            RT @CStarrRose: I think HF authors owe it to their readers to flesh out things with an author's note #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:34pm via TweetDeck       @coachhays64 @CStarrRose Info-dump is generally the weakness of a lot of historical fiction. Writing it well is a skill! #mglitchat
dianezahler 7:34pm via TweetChat          Mine started out that way. Now is just a small hint of why the story must be told. @coachhays64 @CStarrRose #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:35pm via TweetDeck          @rachelnseigel Ooohhh....I see. Yes--repeating information makes no sense. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:35pm via TweetChat        @ChloeKillen Welcome!!! There are less than a dozen, and as they appear the context conveys meaning, but target age is about 12. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:35pm via TweetDeck       @ilanawaters I can't think of any Middle-Grade I've read recently that does this, but I've seen it in YA and adult. #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:35pm via web  @JoanneLevy @rachelnseigel Love it when prologue sets up a question in my mind, then all comes together in the end like a puzzle. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:36pm via TweetDeck       @NatalieLorenzi @JoanneLevy Me too! I love trying to fit the pieces together as I'm reading. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:36pm via TweetChat        Hey, chatters, @ChloeKillen is popping in from Australia. Is this your first stop here, Chloe? #mglitchat
ChloeKillen 7:37pm via web         @PBWorkshop I've read (adult) novels that have had a lot of (untranslated) conversation in another language. Context was/is key #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:37pm via TweetDeck         @NatalieLorenzi Yes! Puzzle pieces sliding together at the end. AND it makes the reader feel smart. @rachelnseigel #mglitchat
ChloeKillen 7:37pm via web         @PBWorkshop You are correct. First time. Hi everyone :) #mglitchat
CStarrRose 7:38pm via Twitter for Android           @ChloeKillen @PBWorkshop remember Watership Down? How you didn't really need the glossary for the rabbit words? That's the goal. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:38pm via TweetDeck       @JoanneLevy @NatalieLorenzi It does! I still get a degree of satisfaction when everything clicks together and I'm right. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:38pm via TweetDeck       @ChloeKillen Welcome! Thanks for stopping in! #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:38pm via web  @JoanneLevy @rachelnseigel Good point, Joanne, which is particularly nice for MG readers. :-) #mglitchat
ChloeKillen 7:38pm via web         @PBWorkshop For younger audience it might help to provide defs. But then again it might provoke them to seek it out themselves. #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:38pm via TweetDeck          @ChloeKillen @PBWorkshop *waves* Hello! #mglitchat
urban_hunters 7:39pm via web How good a writer are you? Prove it. #RT #YAFiction #bookreview #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:39pm via web  @ChloeKillen @PBWorkshop My MG, Flying the Dragon, has several words in Japanese, but no glossary. All context... #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:40pm via TweetDeck          @RosanneParry @rachelnseigel Oooo--good example. #mglitchat
ChloeKillen 7:40pm via TweetDeck           @CStarrRose @PBWorkshop Exactly! The same for A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. #notexactlyMGthough :) #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:41pm via TweetDeck       @ilanawaters @RosanneParry Sideways Stories from Wayside School has a great introduction. I always loved repeating it! #mglitchat
lisaorchard1 7:41pm via web       #mglitchat Check out the Super Spies! #57 on bestsellers list… Only $.99! 4.5 out of 5 stars! #tween #action
PBWorkshop 7:41pm via TweetChat        @ChloeKillen hosts #PBLitchat twice a month. Details at… #mglitchat
ChloeKillen 7:41pm via TweetDeck           @rachelnseigel @ilanawaters Hi! :D #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:42pm via web  @ChloeKillen @CStarrRose @PBWorkshop Glossaries...loved by teachers, not so much by students...#mglitchat
CStarrRose 7:42pm via Twitter for Android           @PBWorkshop @ChloeKillen me too! That's magic: to expose a reader to language and culture through context, not info-dump. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:42pm via TweetChat        Deciding if/how much is needed in prologue is a good question for beta readers to address. #mglitchat
Bec_AS 7:43pm via TweetChat   @rachelnseigel Sisters Grim series does this #Mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:43pm via TweetDeck       @Bec_AS Oh- that's right! I forgot about that! #Mglitchat
ChloeKillen 7:43pm via TweetDeck           @PBWorkshop Haha thanks for the plug Sandy. I'm contemplating an alternative timing to suit USA. Still working on it #pblitchat #mglitchat
CStarrRose 7:43pm via Twitter for Android           @NatalieLorenzi @ChloeKillen @PBWorkshop The place for glossaries is a study guide, I say. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:44pm via web     @NatalieLorenzi @ChloeKillen @CStarrRose glossary and other info on related website and teaching resources might work best #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:44pm via TweetDeck       @ChloeKillen @PBWorkshop Attending during working hours can be hard sometimes, but I'll definitely try to make one! #pblitchat #mglitchat
RosanneParry 7:44pm via Twitter for iPhone       @story_queen @JoanneLevy #mglitchat My historical fic prologue was used to put an event from the 1920s in context w/ a current event.
NatalieLorenzi 7:44pm via web  @CStarrRose @ChloeKillen @PBWorkshop So true, Caroline. Very few kids resort to looking up words in a glossary. #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:45pm via TweetDeck         @RosanneParry I bet that works really well. @story_queen #mglitchat
lisaorchard1 7:45pm via web       #mglitchat Trying to get your tween away from the TV? Try a book!… Only $.99! #57 on the bestsellers list!
rachelnseigel 7:45pm via TweetDeck       #Mglitchat does anybody find cast of characters/family tree helpful at the beginning of a book?
martieKay 7:45pm via web           RT @lisaorchard1: #mglitchat Check out the Super Spies! #57 on bestsellers list… Only $.99! 4.5 out of 5 stars! #tween #action
NatalieLorenzi 7:46pm via web  @PBWorkshop Good idea, Sandy--that works well. #mglitchat
Mi_Schu 7:46pm via web              @ilanawaters @AnshaKotyk Same for me!! No joke – I discovered Eva a few months before she passed and read all of her books. :( #mglitchat
rachelgrinti 7:46pm via TweetDeck           @rachelnseigel It can be. If the list is too big it makes me wonder how hard it will be to keep everyone straight though. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:46pm via TweetChat        @rachelnseigel Family trees confuse me, but what about maps? #mglitchat
RosanneParry 7:46pm via Twitter for iPhone       @NatalieLorenzi @CStarrRose @ChloeKillen @PBWorkshop But teachers want the glossary when the use the book in class. #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:47pm via TweetDeck          @rachelnseigel I used to LOVE that as a kid! #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:47pm via TweetDeck       @PBWorkshop I actually had a 4th grade teacher who requested a novel with a map. #mglitchat
Bec_AS 7:47pm via TweetChat   Right- they just skip the word and hope it wasn't important. @NatalieLorenzi: @CStarrRose @ChloeKillen @PBWorkshop #Mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:47pm via TweetDeck       @PBWorkshop I always refer to the map at the beginning of Phantom Tollbooth. Loved that about it. #mglitchat
raeannparker 7:47pm via web    @PBWorkshop @rachelnseigel Maps in the front of books are awesome! #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:47pm via web  @rachelnseigel As an adult reader, I definitely do. As a kid, don't know that I would have had the patience. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:47pm via TweetChat        @rachelnseigel Did you suggest she try GoogleEarth? #mglitchat
CStarrRose 7:47pm via Twitter for Android           @NatalieLorenzi @ChloeKillen @PBWorkshop Don't think they should. Meaning should be evident. Never want to pull reader out. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:47pm via TweetDeck       @ilanawaters I did and do too! #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:48pm via web  @Bec_AS @CStarrRose @ChloeKillen @PBWorkshop Ha! So true. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:48pm via TweetDeck       @PBWorkshop This was before Google Earth- and it didn't have to be a real place. Just something that worked for mapping. #mglitchat
laurapgolden 7:48pm via web     @rachelgrinti @rachelnseigel I agree. I do best getting to know characters in the context of the story, not in a list of names. #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:48pm via TweetDeck         Agree! Love maps. RT @raeannparker: @PBWorkshop @rachelnseigel Maps in the front of books are awesome! #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:48pm via TweetDeck       @NatalieLorenzi I did, but then, I used to read the copyright page too! ;-) #mglitchat
Bec_AS 7:48pm via TweetChat   @rachelnseigel or if the names are too close and tend to be confusing. #Mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:49pm via web  @RosanneParry @CStarrRose @ChloeKillen @PBWorkshop True. Even in class, emphasis now is on using context to decode new words. #mglitchat
ChloeKillen 7:49pm via web         @NatalieLorenzi @Bec_AS @CStarrRose @PBWorkshop Haha. Oh that's sad. I'm sure some of them might look them up later. #hopeful #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:49pm via web  @rachelnseigel :-) #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:50pm via TweetDeck       @Bec_AS That's true. For a MG audience it probably has to be more simplified. #Mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:50pm via TweetChat        @rachelnseigel You need to look at the Library of Congress note on the back page of the PB Black and White- Macaulay. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:50pm via TweetDeck       @PBWorkshop I'll have to go to the library and look at it- it's been a few years since I've stocked it! #mglitchat
ChloeKillen 7:50pm via web         @CStarrRose @NatalieLorenzi @PBWorkshop Definitely agree with this. They can always double check later if curious. #likeIusedto #mglitchat
Bec_AS 7:50pm via TweetChat   Not normal -> RT @rachelnseigel: @NatalieLorenzi I did, but then, I used to read the copyright page too! ;-) #Mglitchat
laurapgolden 7:51pm via web     @JoanneLevy @raeannparker @PBWorkshop @rachelnseigel Maps rock! If a book has one, I look at it every time I read. Every. Time. #mglitchat
ChloeKillen 7:51pm via web         @NatalieLorenzi @RosanneParry @CStarrRose @PBWorkshop I think this approach would make for some fascinating discussions! #mglitchat
CStarrRose 7:51pm via Twitter for Android           @NatalieLorenzi @RosanneParry @ChloeKillen @PBWorkshop Nuthin' wrong with that. But meaning shouldn't stop the story's flow. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:51pm via TweetDeck       @Bec_AS @NatalieLorenzi I know. (Hangs head in shame) #Mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:51pm via TweetChat        My WIP HF is set in Norway, so the names are probably more confusing than the few Norsk words used. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:51pm via TweetDeck       @laurapgolden @JoanneLevy @raeannparker @PBWorkshop I think a map adds something extra. I always refer back to it when reading. #mglitchat
coachhays64 7:52pm via web      @rachelnseigel Initially the cast of characters/family tree confuses the heck out of me. Too much information without context. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:52pm via TweetDeck       @Bec_AS @NatalieLorenzi Copyright page was how I first discovered that VC Andrews was dead- wondered what in trust meant. #Mglitchat
lisaorchard1 7:52pm via web       #mglitchat Trying to get your teen away from the TV? Try a book!… Only $.99! #57 on bestsellers list! 4.5 stars!
CStarrRose 7:53pm via Twitter for Android           Basketball practice wrapping up. Fun talking, all! #mglitchat
Bec_AS 7:53pm via TweetChat   @PBWorkshop Good reason why family tree might be useful. #Mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:53pm via TweetDeck       @coachhays64 I like family trees personally- if there are a lot of characters I refer back to it to remind myself of connections. #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:53pm via TweetDeck          @rachelnseigel @Bec_AS @NatalieLorenzi Always read dedications too. "My name is Ilana Waters, and I'm addicted to front matter." #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:53pm via web  @CStarrRose @RosanneParry @ChloeKillen @PBWorkshop Hard to know reading level of our readers, tho'--varies so much. #mglitchat
NovemberRain716 7:54pm via web          RT @lisaorchard1: #mglitchat Trying to get your teen away from the TV? Try a book!… Only $.99! #57 on bestsellers list! 4.5 stars!
rachelnseigel 7:54pm via TweetDeck       @ilanawaters @Bec_AS @NatalieLorenzi LOL! I read the dedication and the acknowledgements. And the author bio. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:54pm via TweetChat        @Bec_AS Except that only a few of the characters are related. Lots of neighbors and friends. #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 7:55pm via TweetDeck         @rachelnseigel Agree about the tree - I wouldn't read it at first, but nice to have it to refer to. @coachhays64 #mglitchat
ChloeKillen 7:55pm via web         @CStarrRose Lovely to 'tweet' you :) #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:55pm via TweetChat        @rachelnseigel Dedications are stories in and of themselves. LOVE 'em. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:55pm via TweetDeck       @PBWorkshop Especially when an author does something creative with it! #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:55pm via TweetDeck          @rachelnseigel @Bec_AS @NatalieLorenzi Whoa, you're worse than me! You need a Front/Back Matter Anonymous meeting, STAT! #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:55pm via TweetDeck       @ilanawaters @Bec_AS @NatalieLorenzi Is this an intervention? ;-) #mglitchat
Bec_AS 7:56pm via Twitter for iPhone    @ilanawaters @rachelnseigel @NatalieLorenzi Don't use that for your dedication. #mglitchat
coachhays64 7:56pm via web      @rachelnseigel @laurapgolden @JoanneLevy @raeannparker @PBWorkshop I loved the maps in THE HOBBIT. Used them to plan alt routes. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:56pm via TweetChat        This topic was especially helpful to me tonight! Kudos to our lovely hostesses and all chatters. THX! #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:56pm via TweetDeck       @coachhays64 @laurapgolden @JoanneLevy @raeannparker @PBWorkshop That's cool. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:57pm via TweetDeck       @coachhays64 @laurapgolden @JoanneLevy @raeannparker @PBWorkshop I can't remember if my edition of NEVERENDING STORY had a map. #mglitchat
Bec_AS 7:57pm via Twitter for iPhone    @rachelnseigel @NatalieLorenzi You're up on me- it took me years to find that out. #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:57pm via TweetDeck       @coachhays64 @laurapgolden @JoanneLevy @raeannparker @PBWorkshop But it would have been awesome if it did. #mglitchat
elissacruz 7:57pm via TweetChat               Thanks for the awesomeness, everyone. See you next week! #MGlitchat
ChloeKillen 7:57pm via TweetDeck           @NatalieLorenzi @RosanneParry @CStarrRose @PBWorkshop Oooh facinating :) #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:58pm via web  @ilanawaters @rachelnseigel @Bec_AS Ha! LOVE the dedications and acknowledgements page. #mglitchat #front/backmattergeek
rachelnseigel 7:58pm via TweetDeck       I was a curious kid- I'm sure it didn't matter to anybody else. ;-) #mglitchat
raeannparker 7:58pm via web    @rachelnseigel @coachhays64 @laurapgolden @JoanneLevy @PBWorkshop Okay, now I want to write a book that needs a map in the front. #mglitchat
laurapgolden 7:58pm via web     @coachhays64 Yes! Love that. ;) #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:58pm via TweetDeck          Look, @rachelnseigel, we didn't want 2 say anything. *hand on shoulder* But...we think U have a problem. #mglitchat @Bec_AS @NatalieLorenzi
ChloeKillen 7:58pm via web         Thanks for the #mglitchat everyone. I'll definitely try and pop in again sometime. Bye!
JoanneLevy 7:58pm via web       @NatalieLorenzi Me too. Love dedications and Acks. @ilanawaters @rachelnseigel @Bec_AS #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:59pm via TweetDeck          @Bec_AS @rachelnseigel @NatalieLorenzi No? *puts strikethrough* Sigh. Back to drawing board! #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 7:59pm via TweetDeck       @ilanawaters @Bec_AS @NatalieLorenzi Yes. I'm a book addict- but I'm not sorry and I won't change! ;-) #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:59pm via TweetDeck          @coachhays64 @rachelnseigel @laurapgolden @JoanneLevy @raeannparker @PBWorkshop For your journey to Middle Earth? #mglitchat
NatalieLorenzi 7:59pm via web  @elissacruz Thanks for the chat! Will conduct informal poll tomorrow at school w/my students...#mglitchat
PBWorkshop 7:59pm via TweetChat        @ChloeKillen Great to hear from you, Chloe. #mglitchat
ilanawaters 7:59pm via TweetDeck          @rachelnseigel @Bec_AS @NatalieLorenzi *shakes head* Denial. It's not a river in Egypt! #mglitchat
RosanneParry 8:00pm via Twitter for iPhone       @rachelnseigel loved maps as a kid. American Girl series does the family tree at the beginning of each book. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 8:00pm via TweetChat        <3 RT @rachelnseigel: @ilanawaters @Bec_AS @NatalieLorenzi Yes. Im a book addict- but Im not sorry and I wont change! ;-) #mglitchat
ChloeKillen 8:00pm via Tweetbot for iOS               @PBWorkshop Lovely to see you too! What time is it where you are? #mglitchat
ilanawaters 8:00pm via TweetDeck          As usual, I spent the last hr. soaking up knowledge. Off to wring self out. Thank you hostess and addicts--I mean, tweeters. #mglitchat
laurapgolden 8:00pm via web     @raeannparker @rachelnseigel @coachhays64 @JoanneLevy @PBWorkshop Me too! It'd be the best thing ever. #mglitchat
PBWorkshop 8:01pm via TweetChat        G'night, chatters. #mglitchat
CStarrRose 8:01pm via Twitter for Android           @ChloeKillen Likewise (she says from the parking lot) #mglitchat
JoanneLevy 8:02pm via web       #mglitchat always goes by so quickly. Thanks everyone!
Bec_AS 8:02pm via TweetChat   Thanks and good night! #Mglitchat
coachhays64 8:03pm via web      @JoanneLevy Always... #mglitchat
rachelnseigel 8:03pm via TweetDeck       #Mglitchat Geeze- 10pm already! Thanks 4 a gr8 chat everybody! We're working on transcript & will get it up ASAP.
raeannparker 8:03pm via web    Great #mglitchat tonight. Thanks @rachelnseigel for hosting.

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